Women sitting on couch enjoying a cool home

5 Home Air Products You Should Know About

Just about everyone knows about air conditioners and furnaces. But there is an array of other air products you should also know about. Depending on the weather conditions in your area and your personal health needs, these devices can make a…
A woman reading her heating bills.

Heating Bills Are Expected to Surge this Winter. Here’s What You Need to Know.

This winter’s frigid temperatures aren’t the only reason economists are predicting that heating bills will skyrocket. As we’ve written about before, climate change will likely take winters to more extreme lows, but it’s not the only…
Clean furnace filter vs. dirty furnace filter

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

If you live up north, a well-functioning furnace can be the appliance that turns a house into a home. It’s not only essential for frosty winters, but it’s vital for lower utility costs and healthy living. Because the functionality, performance,…
A woman in a winter coat brushing snow off of her car.

Climate Change May Make Winters Colder: Here’s What You Need to Know

Some may believe that the effects of climate change are only present when we experience a rise in global temperatures. While it may seem counterintuitive, global warming may actually make winters colder. Many of us know that climate change…
Heating Bills

7 Ways to Lower the Cost of Heating and Save on Gas Bills

When the temperatures drop, the dial on our thermostats goes up. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to lower your gas bills without feeling left out in the cold. Further, with COVID-19 cases spiking again, many people…
Woman sitting on the floor by a fan to stay cool.

5 Creative Ways People Stayed Cool Before AC That Still Might Work Today

Before Willis Haviland Carrier invented air conditioning in 1902, people had to be creative about how they stayed cool. While nowadays it’s easier for most people to invest in air conditioning, we thought it would be fun to look at five ways…
Man outside sweating in the warm weather.

How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

The National Centers for Environmental Information stated that the global annual temperature has “increased at an average rate of 0.08°C (0.14°F) per decade since 1880 and over twice that rate (+0.18°C / +0.32°F) since 1981.” Although…
Wall thermostat

Central Air vs. Window Units

On average, most people are comfortable when the temperature in the house is around 70 degrees. But when it comes to cooling your home down during the warm summer months, choosing between central air and window units can be a difficult decision. Whether…
Air ducts inside of room.
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Air Duct Cleaning 101: What It Is and How It Helps

Maintaining your HVAC unit by requesting professional cleaning services is crucial to preserving its efficiency. For people who have undergone major renovations, have mold in the ducts, or have experienced a recent infestation, air duct cleaning—a…
Hand holding a "Save The Earth" poster.

Reduce Your Air Conditioning Carbon Footprint this Summer

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “roughly 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air each year” due to the use of air conditioners—this is not to be confused with carbon monoxide, which air conditioners…